The Power of a Brand

A brand is more than just a logo. Your brand is your promise to your customers.
How that promise is communicated is your brand strategy - the where, when and whom. What does it sound like? Look like?

Consistent, and strategic branding creates equity in your brand which means you have created a point of differentiation, a reason for being in your customers’ lives as well as a loyal following - an emotional connection—the most important connection of all.

Are you creating something new? Or are you looking to rebrand?

Betsy has worked with nationally and internationally known brands for over two decades. Her specialty is helping clients create their brand or take them through the rebranding process, leading them to define who they want to be, what they want to say and how they want to look.

Once the brand is defined, a strategic marketing plan is developed. The strategies and tactics are developed based on the overall goals and objectives of the brand/client including budgets, timing and where applicable measurable outcomes to determine effectiveness.

Strategic marketing plans can include a wide range of tactics that are recommended based on the client, brand, target audience and objectives. Betsy has experience in all forms of marketing tactics including sales promotions, consumer events, website development, advertising, public relations, social media, sponsorships, sales collateral, direct mail, and packaging.

Her experience also includes copywriting, creative design, print production, photo shoot producer/director and stylist.

Additionally Betsy has worked with various nonprofits executing their marketing plans as well as working with them to establish their fundraising goals and creating a strategic development plan to meet those objectives.

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Marketing Services:

Branding / Rebranding / Strategic Marketing Plan Development / Advertising / PR / Social Media / Website Development / Sales Collateral / Direct Mail / Strategic Development Plan / Packaging / Copywriting / Creative Design / Photo Shoot Producer & Stylist / Corporate Events